SOIL and WATER – BACK to BASICS By Bruce Brockway, Secretary Land Drainage Contractors Association We all know what we mean by ‘soil and water’ but it only refers to two of the three ingredients necessary for plant growth – the third being ‘air’. If you only have the first two you have a drainage problem! The purpose of drainage could be said to introduce air into soil. Plant roots need soil, water and air to be able to absorb nutrients from the soil. As a growing medium soil should consist of roughly 50% particles, 25% water, and 25% air. The water and air shouldRead More →

What are the trials? The package of six law amendments are: 50:22 kick: If the team in possession kicks the ball from inside their own half indirectly into touch inside their opponents’ 22 or from inside their own 22 into their opponents’ half, they will throw in to the resultant lineout Rationale: To create space via a tactical choice for players to drop back out of the defensive line in order to prevent their opponents from kicking for touch. The High Tackle Technique Warning: Successfully trialled at the World Rugby U20 Championship for the last two years, reducing the incidence of concussion by more thanRead More →